The web-designer's don't know that computer's have cooling fans

In all fairness to programmers and page designers, advertising/marketing decisions generally have higher priorities so advertising sales are up, functionality and client positive experience is down. Ultimately, consumer dissatisfaction eventually works it's way to advertisers - by then the consumer has moved on to more functionally competitive products.

Under review


We would love to do a screenshare with anyone experiencing performance issues (specifically with Seeking Alpha). Please post here and we will reach out to you.



It is quite common whenever I open multiple articles, each in its own browser tab, that my computer slows to a halt and I end up having to nuke the browser. Each tab is furiously contacting countless other sites. I have no idea what most of them are, I imagine they are all trackers and ad sites and etc. It really is absurd.

Only two tabs open - the SA tab and a link to an article in the SA article.

Please fix your add band width consumption.

As I said before, this is not a widespread issue among all users, so in order to investigate we need to do a screenshare with you. If you are willing to help us for 10 minutes in order to investigate, please email to setup a time.

Again, apologies for the issues here. We feel we have isolated a few 3rd party ad scripts that are causing serious memory spike issues on IE and Edge. What browsers have ya'll been experiencing these issues on? We'd like to confirm the issues really are primarily on IE and Edge and not other browsers but if they are, we'll keep plugging away until we get to the bottom of this and resolve all issues.

I'm using the latest version of FireFox on a late 2013 MacBookPro 15" running OSX10.10.3.

Thanks for the quick reply. We will include FF in our investigation.

Yes.   Your ads are intrusive.   Just get rid of the animation and video . Its killing my computer performance and really really is annoying to look at too.