Price at publication

nsolot 2 years ago in Website updated 2 years ago 6

Articles used to show me the "price at publication", but now all I see is a dash "-".

I'm a subscriber, and I found this info very useful in the past.


Thanks for your comment - we hope you enjoy this Essential feature. (Hope you also noticed the Coverage tab when viewing an author's article history. Click on author's name and then Coverage.) 

Seeing a dash in normal for new articles when the market is closed however once a day has passed and the market is open you should see the change in the stock price since the article was published. If you are still seeing a problem can you please attach here a screenshot (drag and drop)? 

Thanks - that's surprising. All of these links are working fine for us. See the screenshot below, for example. Can you please provide more info so we can investigate this?

1. Do you have an ad-blocker installed? If yes please disengage it and try again.

2. Can you try logging in and checking this on another internet browser and/or computer? Does it happen there too?

3. On the computer it is not working: which operating system and browser are you using?


1) Yes, Ad Block Plus, but I disabled it and it still shows the same

2) I will try my laptop later today.  It happens with both Chrome & Firefox.

3) Windows 10 Pro

Ok thanks. Please keep me posted what your experience is on your laptop and we'll take it from there.

Also happens on my laptop, which is also running Win 10 Pro.