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Malicious websites seem to be attached to Seeking Alpha

waveydavy 3 years ago in Website updated by because_2 3 years ago 2

I have been repeatedly diverted to scam websites [server3.rollingdesk.info is the latest example among about eight different addresses.  I only get these attacks when I have had your website up for a "while" - say a few hours.  I think this may indicate that you need to examine your code.

Another example:

Web Attack: Fake Tech Support Website     ", 80","windowsappcenter.apps-centerzlr.biz/pmtgw/esqmf204/?utm_

Awaiting Customer Reply

Thanks for your report, we are looking into this.

I agree with waveydavy.  I like this site but there is permissiveness - either voluntary or not - that allows behind the scenes activity to occur.  If I am on your site long enough my machine will slow to a crawl.  Doesn't occur on other sites including media heavy sites.