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Drop-down portfolio menu no longer allows me to scroll down the menu list. Thus, I can't see some of my portfolios!

JerryNorcia 5 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Jonathan Liss 5 years ago 5

Ever since you changed the website last weekend, the drop-down portfolio menu on the left side of the screen no longer allows me to scroll down the list. Consequently, I can only see the upper 20 portfolios that "fit" on my computer screen. Without the scrolling function, I can't scroll down to see the 19 portfolios "below" the computer screen.

I sent this feedback to you a day ago ... and you haven't even bothered to send me a response or indicate it is "Under Review !!! Please let me know yet today if you plan on fixing this bug. If you don't plan on addressing it, then I need to terminate my premium subscriber membership to Rida Morwa's HDO Opportunities, quit Seeking Alpha, and move the tracking of my investments (>$1 million) to a competing service. Just let me know one way or the other !!!!!  

Hi Jerry,

I apologize no one responded to this yet. We are working on a fix which should be live over the weekend. In the meantime, you can hit Ctrl-/+ to zoom out and in on the page to access the whole list.

Under review


Just reporting that this bug has now been fixed in production. Apologies for the mess up on our end. Have a great weekend!


Thank you! I can now scroll down the left-column portfolio menu to see all of my portfolios. I greatly appreciate your hustle and quick work to fix this "bug". Enjoy your weekend !!! 

Our pleasure Jerry - have a wonderful weekend yourself!