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Blank Chat Screen

chas226 5 years ago in Website updated by anonymous 5 years ago 9

My Rida Morwa chat screen has gone blank. It happened after I refreshed it. It never came back. What do  I need to do, please?

Under review


It seems to be back up. Please confirm.

We are currently working on a major upgrade to chat. Stay tuned!

Hello Daniel,

I have a complete failure with the new chat application.

This is as of Aug 7th 2017

Not working on Chrome Windows 10 

All I have is the recycling SA icon in a blank chat screen.

Worked for a bit after clearing cookies and browser data and then locked up again


We are actively working to solve this issue. Please bear with us. Can you try using a different browser such as FireFox, Edge or Internet Explorer. Do those work?

I have same issue on Chrome for HDO and Insiders Forum

My firefox does not work. Very frustrating since I am paying for premium service.

Cat is working on Edge but not Chrome. Hope you can fix this as I use only Chrome

Firefox chat does not work either, only Edge at this point

"chat room" is not working with Wheel of Fortune or Mortgage Reit Forum. I only see the Seeking Alpha symbol