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Truly dislike the new premium portfolio pages.

Tim Plaehn 12 months ago in Website updated by eyekew 7 months ago 3

I used to have have all of my portfolios in a combined view up 95% of the time. Made it easy to see any new news for any of the stocks I follow. Now finding the news across all portfolios is a multi-step process. Truly a user unfriendly update.

I want a page that shows the new news for all of the stocks I follow without having to search through the new, overly cumbersome portolio system. 

Under review

Hi Tim,

We are continuing to evaluate feedback on the new portfolio. If you'd like to move back to the previous portfolio view simply email subscriptions@seekingalpha.com and they can do it for you.

Quick question: did you use "All Portfolios" for viewing stock prices or data together in one combined list? Or, did you use it for viewing all the headlines across your portfolios? 


Daniel Hochman

Director of Product, Seeking Alpha

do that for me, too, PLEASE!!


Thanks for the response. I used the portfolio view more to keep up on headlines.