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Failure to load stock information after update to IOS 11.3.1

ANJ 4 years ago in iPhone App updated by mtnbiker8 3 years ago 5

Seeking Alpha just went blank after the update.. I was able to get some information after going to the App Store and opening from there. It is not giving the actual stock prices however just the  amount of change.. 

It also keeps crashing.. I have plenty of space available on my iPad. 


I’m having the same problem.  I had apple fix a software problem and I had to download all my apps.  Seeking alpha was downloaded successfully but I am not getting the current price, just the change.

Same here. I  did down load the app again,  but just as you say  no current prices. Checked my IOS software for permissions and so on... Rebooted.. Basically I have done all the obvious stuff. . Nothing has helped 


Same problem. iPhone is okay. this annoying issue is only on my iPad

Under review

What device are you using?


does anyone at SA do any software testing?  I can’t believe anyone would release this with a bug like this.....this is the kind of thing that gives me pause to signup for the subscription