Hate the recent update

Namaste! 4 years ago in Android App updated by anonymous 1 month ago 11

Bring back the condensed version of the last Android version of the portfolio that includes the percentage change in the daily NAV. There are bugs in the update that prevent scrolling down the list of stocks in my portfolio---seconds after scrolling down, the screen pops back up to the top making it impossible to view stocks further down. The update is totally unusable!


I also do not like the new update. I liked being able to see a mini graph of what the price did during the day.


This update makes it totally useless.  Fix it it or loose all your customers. Worse than worthless.

Terrible Upgrade! You have flipped the table from useful to problematic. Reverse changes and go back and fix then test test test properly!

Under review

Hi, puregarlic! I can see you dont have the latest version. Please update to latest. We promise it will only get better and you will love the new design. Thank you.


this new update is not so smooth, no more mini? % gains and a few other things :(    still love sa but it's kinda not that awesome,  did you change it to generate more clicks?  it feels that way but I could be wrong, also In the post section posts words have extra characters & letters and numbers added to posters comments?  kinda weird but I still love sa   thank you very much :)

can't see stock symbols


Totally agree, this app is now ruined.

i want to stop the constant SA alerts will I'm using other Aps

Latest upgrade sucks! Takes 10 times the time to load stuff. I'm going to another service since you guys can't be communicated with by smart phone to get things fixed. Too bad I've been with SA for over a decade. I should have know that programmers are told to get more advertising success instead of access for up to the minute information.