Quotes are showing 2 day cumulative gains/losses today 7/31

BeaBaggage 5 years ago in Website updated 5 years ago 4

they appear to be adding what happened on Friday to today's market action..  prices are correct comparing to Google finance prices.. but losses are 2 day??  the quote provider service you use on SA is awful.

an example is MO which is down today about $2 to $65.16 currently but showing down 8.85, thus including Friday's loss.  Bea

hi, yes, i was going to mention the same thing... AKS, CLF and prolly others... interestingly, Stocktwits is having the same issue...

GRC stock quote seems to be incorrect...on SA the GRC quote is showing up 12% intra-day versus the other pricing services showing the stock up 0.64% intra-day.

looks like this is fixed now. Bea