No longer able to sign in

anonymous 4 years ago in iPhone App updated by SA Maya Natan 4 years ago 9

Whenever I enter my email to sign in, I receive an error code telling me the app cannot connect to Seeking Alpha. That screen will then disappear, and I can see the 3 market indices, but none of my personal positions or notifications. The desktop version seems to be fine - this is only happening in the iPhone app. 

likewise for me!

same issue for me

Same issue for me as well

I have had the same problem on SA V3.8.3 and V3.8.4.  I have an iPhone 6S with the latest iOS 11.3.1.  SA keeps pushing me notifications to my iPhone but I cannot sign in (or out) of the app.

Identical phone, version and iOS . They are dropping the ball here at SA

Under review

Have you updated the app to the latest version?

With V3.8.7 I am finally able to sign in.