version 3.8.6 - notification issue

Azumi 4 years ago in iPhone App updated by SA Aleksandra Eskova 4 years ago 4


I was getting notifications in the "Notifications" tab but I signed out and signed back in. Now the notifications are not showing in the tab. It is blank. There is a badge "1" on the notification tab, but when click. Showing nothing.

Also when i click on "Settings" in notification tab, error message "{"error_message":"logged out user"}

Also stock prices are rounding up, not showing the decimal points.

Please fix!!!

iphone 6 Plus with iOS11.3.1

Under review

Dear User, i can see there was a problem with your login. Can you please re-login to app? Thank you.

OMG THANKYOU Aleksandra!!! It works now. Notification issue is fix and is showing pre and post market prices.

But the prices is still showing rounded up like for AAPL.


Im happy I could help. Yes, rounding is the issue of implementation , we aware about it. Will be fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for reporting these problems.