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iPhone 7 notifications not clearing

aaronboz 3 years ago in iPhone App updated by jeffg022 3 years ago 5

I can clear notifications but a running tally persists after I hit clear. It’s now additive so whenever a new article is posted, it brings up my aggregate by 1.

I also can’t view any of the notifications—I hit clear

In addition, my portfolio newsfeed is not refreshing. No new article since Sunday 

I am having the same problem and now have over 1500 notifications indicated and can’t view any in the app. This makes the app nearly unusable. Needs to be fixed. 

my issue is clear works when I tap it, but then the last set of notifications reappears along with the new ones when I return to notifications snd refresh. 

I am having the same issue - and it is slightly irritating to see the notification counter keep increasing even as you try and clear the old notifications. 

Awaiting Customer Reply

We will look into this.  Sorry for the inconvenience

same iphone x max