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can't access portfolio today

anonymous 3 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 1 year ago 8

Unable to see my portfolio entries today 10-4-17 .. impossible to use your feedback form since the screen keeps filling with more articles when you reach the end so there is never really an end to get to in order to be able to click on feedback....portfolio site was fine yesterday. using firefox 56.0 just updated itself today. Hope you can fix this ..enjoy your site

and get email notifications on the portfolio which I cannot even maintain now. Help.

using windows 10.


Having same problem.  I click on portfolio and get page to sign up for it even though I have had a portfolio for years,  How does one fix this

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Is it possible you are logged into the wrong account with a different email address? The address you are writing from has no portfolios.

My account has two active portfolios that I can access; I'm just not getting the email alerts. Nothing has changed on my end--my email address is the same as it's been for years, and I have SA in my email contacts list.

Hi Guys,

Just checking in to see if the problem here is resolved, or still persisting. If so, I'd like to have developer take a look at it ASAP.



Have not been able to see portfolio for a couple weeks.  No changes on my end.


Please send a screencap of what you are seeing. We are having difficulty replicating this issue on our end. 


What has happened to my access to my portfolios?  They were there this morning but not now.  Just a brief summary that accompanies articles.

Are you on our desktop website or phone?