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very slow loading time for my portfolio and stock quote + charts on seeking alpha these days

Fireball Dividend Germany 8 months ago in Website updated by SA Admin Kushal Mehrotra 3 months ago 2

do you have the same tecnical issues? is the webpage / surfers overloaded ?

@ seeking alpha

when will this problem be solved?

thanks a lot.

ever since the update to the new interface SA, takes forever to load everything else on my phone loads fine but this is very unusable now I used to constantly read any info on my portfolio now it's to the point where I search for any news online. Hopefully this is getting fixed or it might be time to uninstall. I have limited time and waiting up to a minute for an article to load when it used to work great. If there is a fix coming please respond. If not, I will stop wasting my time thanks.

Under review


We're constantly working towards speeding up our platform's performance.
Can you please share your device details so we can check if its a device-specific issue.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha