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So How do you rate The Fool? Is it worth the $100/yr or is it more for everything once you get in. I think their current ads and then using Google, Amazon, as examples of their picks is a little bit much which has kept me at Bay.

Add in Sales tax---I don't pay sales tax on any of several financial newsletters I subscribe to. VAT Tax, if applicable?  Isn't that a European tax? $120 instant savings by subscribing. PLEASE! That would be for the village idiot that signs up for a year at the monthly rate. If that's even possible. I took the trial. A lot of writers have no credentials and most of the ones who have been popular have their own service so anything that comes from them is not hot off the press. I think for someone who is interested in a service like this--trying all the services that are offered and selecting the one that most fits your style of investing would be more productive. The sales tax and auto renewal turned me off although, in fairness, having checked, I found that one can turn off the auto renewal by contacting them after subscribing and requesting that feature be cancelled.  

The new rate for "Pro" will most likely seem modest for "Advisor" firms ( interesting that all 3 comments in "What our customers are saying" happen to be apparent advisors with some firm. The rates for individuals with modest portfolios @ $75 a month/$900 a year is steep. While I am sure your comment  "It takes money to operate & maintain Seeking Alpha" or words to that effect is valid---I'm sure a portion of all the fees by organizations and advisors who have joined your group of paid advisors finds it way to Seeking Alpha along with all the ad revenue.

Are all the users who have signed up with one of the paid advisor organizations also subject to this additional fee to be able to refer to articles 10 days old or more?  Disappointing to say the least and it will have an adverse impact on the little "do it yourself people" who are also contributors to the site.