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Noticing similar inconsistency between Quant rankings of Industry ,Sector, and Overall Rank on the Summary page and the actual Ranking page that is arrived at by clicking on any of the three blue links in the Quant Ranking Tab on the main Summary Page.

I submitted a feedback about this issue on the feedback forum page several days ago. Still haven’t heard from anyone from SA support. Today I submitted a private message to them. Hopefully now I will hear from someone soon to help me understand what is happening here. Perhaps a delayed update problem across all the pages after the market closes or an actual big? Not really sure right now.

same problem. Portfolio not updating

I have same issue. Portfolio not updating with the day’s new tramsactions.

This inconsistent quant rating does actually seem like a bug. I have noticed a display issue similar to what is described above. I am seeing a quant rating of “Neutral” for CRWD under the Ratings Summary Tab. But when I click on CRWD’s Industry Ranking blue link shown as “7 out of 40”, CRWD is listed as number 1 in the Industry Ranking List and its quant rating is shown as Very Bullish 4.86. So which rating is accurate, the one shown in the Ratings Tab or the one shown in the Industry Ranking list? Even the Industry Rank  (is it 7? or is it 1?) for the company is inconsistent. The ratings should be consistently displayed accurately across all tabs and pages. Otherwise it gets very confusing.