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This is the one that vanished:

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21 hours ago ... Monday...... Friday: What a shit sandwich. Lots supposedly "weighing" on the market this month to create a little see/saw action, or at least a little ...

Hi Jacob - 


HI Jacob - 

Yes, mine does too have that drop down, and I have selected "Write blog post" for every blog post written since 2012. HOWEVER, whereas I used to have 500+ blog posts sorted by date, I now have 253 blog posts and 261 StockTalks. I do not want that, I want ALL the blog posts back in the same database as 512 blog entries. 

How do I get that to happen?

What makes the database decide what is a stock talk and what is a blog post? I AM NOT SELECTING THAT.


OK, I lied, it's still not the way it was. If anyone has any ideas on how to make a stocktalk into a blog post please LMK. 

Oddly it just fixed itself and they are now all there. When I looked before the first blog entry was from November 4 2017. If someone did something - THANKS! if it was just a ghost in the machine well then.

Hi BR - 

Half of mine were re characterized by the new format into stock talks - I have no idea why. pretty useless.