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who is user echo,and why can’t I get rid of them, I never downloaded their app and now my iPad has a virus

Me to,stop all these emails before I contact my attorney,you guys are started to piss me off. I don’t like spam and I certainly don’t like my privacy invaded.Can you say class action lawsuit?

I have unsubscribed several times and if I keep receiving this crap I will register a spam complaint,You guys did this to yourselves,doesn’t mean I have to keep reading all these complaints.Stop I am unsubscribed.Got it!

Why am I still getting email when I’ve unsubscribed  several times?

I unsubscribed,maybe if enough people do this, they’ll get the idea that something is screwed up,I refuse to play games with this bs

No, I do not,I’m getting really tired of playing games with this app.,you guys really messed up a good thing,see where greed gets you?bye-bye done playing with this stupidity found a new app that I don’t have to FIGHT

won’t accept password or address

I can’t get any ofseeking alpha to work,how about a little help?