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having the same issue on Android. When I click headlines it initially takes me there but then snaps back up to about half way in my portfolio list. 

app has started laggibg badly for me this week. Is it tied to the issue with portfolios not showing up?

same here - once again!  App has also become very laggy when I try to do anything. What gives?

same here - no portfolio today!

Still happening and I've deleted and reinstalled the app which does nothing. Can you provide a date when I should reinstall the app that will actually contain the fix?

Still having this issue and it's getting annoying. You're forcing me to get notifications on any new tickers I've added in the past month

on all articles lately but in the comments section, not in the actual article

Same for me. Caused by apostrophes and quotation marks

Same issue on Android running Oreo. Apostrophes showing as '

Couldn't agree more. New release is awful!