Your comments

Seriously?  Are you guys trying to commit suicide?

You could not have executed a more pathetic change to a paywall model if you tried:

- No notice

- No mention of the number of free articles

- Excessively expensive.  No one in their right mind is going to pay this. 

The community here are no fools, but this move certainly is.  Existing readers will leave in droves.  By limiting the number of articles to such a pathetically low (unpublicized) number,  how can you possibly expect to draw new readers to replace the ones you'll surely loose?  You can't, and you won't...

In case you didn't realize, the web is a big place where folks with opinions will surely reveal the "move of morons"; your reputation will soon be in ruins.

The result?  What value their was to SA, which is the readers comments, or what I call "the wisdom of the crowd" will vanish, as will SA's value along with it's viability as a source of info or income generation

Foolish move;  Live by the greedy sword, die by the greedy sword.  

Best of luck; I'm out.  AMF.