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I miss everything about the former "my feed" on Android. It allowed me to select what type of articles I wanted to see, so I would have "editor's picks", etf ideas, top news, etc all in one feed. Now when I go to "my feed" it is just a blank page that says "look here for the authors you follow", which would be entirely redundant with the "my authors" section right beside it - if it actually worked!! Instead "my feed" stays blank as I've described above, even though I follow several authors. It's been broken like this since you made this website change last year. Except for about a week this month when it mysteriously worked with the old behavior. 

The old "my feed" options are still there. It's ridiculous that this is still broken a year later. What was the purpose of this change? My Authors already does this *exact thing*, so by moving this functionality to My Feed you're just taking away a useful feature... even if this worked properly! And it doesn't even work properly!