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Not able to follow comments.  Anyone have a suggestion for another good investment site?  EVen when this one works it doesn't show all comments. You have to click the "show more comments" to get more to show up.   It's time consuming and a lot worse than it used to be. 

I'm having the same problem. Every notification has not worked today

It's on my laptop computer running Win 10. Seems to be better now, but sometimes I click on the bell and nothing happens and the new posts notice disappears.  

I've given up. No one is listening. SA is uselessfor the most part. I'm on MarketWatch mostly. 

Ok, I've had enough. I'm going elsewhere. 

Guys your changes are very, very bad.  Don't hide posts and require me to click a "see more replies"button. After clicking the button I'm lost as to where I am on the thread. Jeez.  Go back to the way it was. I hate the changes. I have no idea where I am in the posts. Gawd

SA is still messing up.  I click on a new post from the top right and a lot of times it doesn't take me to the post.  I have to click the "reload" button on the top left to get to the new post. 

I'm not liking the changes you have made.  The site doesn't work as well as it did before. 

Why does the page not show me the next new comment after I've been clicking the new comment button for about 5 minutes?  I am able to read new comments for about 5 to 10 minutes, then It quits working. I have to clear my cache and go back, but I've lost all the new posts at that point.  Sometimes I have to close the browser entirely.  

Your site is really not working well and this has just started today.  What's up? 

Come on SA, what is going on.  Formatting is still being deleted from my posts!!!!!!!!!  Why?  I have received no explanation from you, nothing.   You said a week ago that this would be fixed "soon".  That was at least 8 days ago.  (Jan 11 or Jan 10)