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@RegisFinancial, can you please expand on why you say our moderation system is atrocious? We'd be glad to address your concerns if you can be more specific.

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We use a standard title style across all our transcripts, whereby if the CEO is present on the call, their name appears in the title. 

As you point out here, this doesn't always reflect the reality of the call's content, but we don't waver in this naming convention.

If you can point us to the pages where these discussions are taking place, the moderators can review and remove unrelated comments.


Thank you, our editorial team is looking into this.

If you believe there is a material error in an article, please follow our disputes process, outlined here, to report it.

To follow up here, Money Metals Exchange reposts some authors' work from their own website, and there is no issue with that. However, we will start adding bylines to their pieces for clarity purposes.

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention.

Thanks Don, we appreciate you sharing the link. We're looking into this.

Can you please share links to the articles, so we can investigate?


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The suspect followers have been removed.


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