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Seems like we're all having the same issue. The ad takes up so much of the screen it's difficult to navigate to My Portfolio. The My Portfolio tool is why I use Seeking Alpha. If this issue is not fixed I will leave and use another site.


I'm curious because I'm searching for new communities, what is M*?

ahh so they're adding censorship to greed and concealment? Seems to be a successful policy model these days...

It's funny and ironic that a website that frequently discusses the importance of a) a business' moat and b) upfront and honest disclosures has suddenly forgotten the importance of both

I completely agree. Very poorly executed and overpriced. I can see charging $10 for access, but going from $0 to $30 is greedy. Very sad to see this happen to such a great community

I too am going to add my voice to the growing list of discontent SA members. SA has always offered a very unique website and community to those wishing to learn more about individual securities and investing in general. Among the vast sea of heavily monetized-investment advice on the Internet, SA has always stood out from the rest by offering a viable free membership for most articles. Now SA is just another undistinguishable wave in the ocean.

If SA was in financial difficulty, or if the owners/administrators did really need to more effectively monetize the content, then I can fathom paying $10/month or maybe $15 at the high end. Going from $0 to $30 (with very little notice, IMO) is inexcusable and short-sighted strategy. 

I will look diligently for other websites and online investing communities. If anyone else finds one, please let me know.