Your comments

Thank you, that was fast! The price and percentages are off and it shows me down 100% with zero value. The quanity and lot price are still right though. I assume that will update in the system at some point?

Yes that works, thank you! I still have duplicate tickers though with different share amounts and share prices. I thought they might represent different lots, but they add up to more than I have purchased so that can't be it. Thanks...Tom

I am on a Dell laptop with Windows 10 logging in through a Chrome browser. I was just able to save a revised price, but can't switch between portfolios with the drop down on the left. Also the support drop down doesn't work for me. The top row of links work and I can get to portfolios and support that way. As long as I can make portfolio changes and save them that is the main thing and that seems to be working now.