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totally agree, the “next” feature is not working and it is just too difficult to navigate. Please change the comment sorting feature back to the way it was...Nomad

I still cannot see any comments. Just unsure what I can do. I checked all my settings and they looked fine. Very frustrating...

This happened once before (a few months back) and it changed back to being able to read the comments in about 4-5 days. No clue what these guys did to mess up the reading of the comments section and they seem reluctant to fix the issue...

My iPhone gets the comments, it’s just the iPad that has issues. Can you help?

I just cut and pasted it and not a screen shot

Additional disclosure: I am part of the "High Dividend Opportunities" (HDO) research team.

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I took a screen shot with my iPad, but there is really nothing to see. It just says “expand”  at the bottom of the page and it is a dad link. I cannot seem to find a way to post this, Any suggestions on how to post it?

I just tried it again (while being logged in) and cannot access the comments. It says (on the bottom of the page) “expand” at the bottom of the page; I try and click it, but it’s a dead link 

 I do log in, but it still won’t let me see the comments section...

I’m directly on the SA web site and I am using the latest iOS from Apple