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SA did something that breaks usability 100%.  Corporate PC connects through a private corporate network and then through a gateway in Texas.  The company uses web site filtering and more.  The PC's settings are locked-down.

Dear SA -- I agree with the comments above and think it is a bad thing for SA and needs to be fixed fast.  1, an emergency patch, and 2, user-test _any_ feature changes with a subset of users before rolling out to all (duh!).  This tracking comments fiasco is already cutting into the time people spend on SA -- since SA has cut off a big chunk of its eyeball-grabbing engagement.  You should be panicking about this.  I wish there was a way of tagging this comment as being extremely urgent.  That is a feature to consider going forward too!

Posted comments are a large source of interest-drawing content for SA.   At this point SA has an arterial bleed going on -- and a month has already been more than enough to start to drive users away.

As for mobile screen friendliness, no problem if the desktop format remains rich and nuanced.   But mobile users are more likely to use Fac3book and Twi44er for that and you are just debasing SA's value in down-chasing them.  Think about this, if SA becomes a bad version of Fac3book and Twi44er then a lot of SA users will just move over to them and you are going to 4ever lose those users -- is this what is going on now?   Another thing to panic about.

Maybe SA is trying to sell itself to Fac3book / Twi44er?   At this point in its existence that has to be a huge temptation.   It will be a very sad day should that come to pass as I refuse to use them and will delete my account on the spot.

has Seeking Alpha eliminated comment tracking -- no more "+ track comments" option w/new format?