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MAYHAWK 2 years ago in Website updated by SA Jacob Maltz 6 months ago 13

For the second day I am not receiving all the emails to which I subscribe.  I continue to get stock alerts and breaking news but half the emails I subscribe to fail to appear.  A friend continues to get all his emails which are the same as mine.  There is no notice of a problem with my email.  What gives?

Under review

All seems well on our end with your account, I looked back 5 days and we sent you emails without problem.  Please check the "all mail" section in your email.  If you still cant find it, please contact your email provider.

I am receiving breaking news and non-specific emails but not my daily emails on authors, Wall Street Breakfast, etc.  I have not received my emails despite what your system indicates and there is NO problem on my end.  This started when you banned me from posting comments for 15 days.  This is a little over the top in punishment for a nothing issue.

Hi - I checked but I haven't found a problem yet. Please check you have subscribed to authors in email settings because it appears you have it set only as one daily email. Please check also your junk mail folder.

The emails I subscribe to are not coming. Yesterday I received some breaking news

and individual stock emails. Today nothing but breaking news emails.

All my subscriptions still show as active. I am sure that this is a

result of the posting ban. This is decidedly unfair because a thin

skinned individual reported me after he began making public personal

attacks which I responded to in private. There is nothing wrong on my

end and nothing goes into my spam folder.

Here it is Wednesday and I have not received a new email other than breaking news since Friday.  The problem is clearly on your end.

Hi - Sorry to hear that. We successfully sent you 11 emails just yesterday! Don't know what happened on the way to you. This was the most recent: https://seekingalpha.com/news/3446305-bp-delay-wyoming-oil-gas-acreage-sale-reuters

Would you consider temporarily changing your email address on our site to see if the emails arrive to that address?

I receive breaking news emails and individual stock article emails.  I am not receiving the group emails (Wall Street Breakfast, etc.).  This started when John LeJoy gave me a 15 day posting ban so the problem stems from that. This is my only email account.

Another day without emails.

Hi - is this still an issue? We don't see a problem on our end.

The only emails I receive are "Breaking News" and individual stock notices.  I have not received any of the emails I subscribe to (Wall Street Breakfast, etc.) since you people instituted the 15 day ban on posting.  The problem is clearly on your end.  I simply got tired of bothering with telling you the same thing over and over.

It has now been over 2 weeks since I received any emails and you have done nothing to rectify this situation.  As I have stated on multiple occasions, I receive the "Breaking News" emails and emails on individual stocks, but no on any of my newsletters.  The problem clearly exists on you end.

Still no email newsletters and unable to post comments even though the 15-day ban is up.  Now you are ignoring my issues.

Hi - the most recent email we sent you was this one: 


Did you receive it?