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Bug in comment history display

LarryMelman 3 years ago in Website updated 3 years ago 11

If I look at my comment history in my profile, comments start with the most recent and go back in time until Jan. 27. Then the most recent comments display over again.

I know I have reported this before. Using Firefox on various versions of Windows.

Under review

Hello Larry,

This might be a problem with your local cache.

While we investigate this issue, could you please clear your cookies and cache and see if the problem persists?

It's working properly today. So either you fixed something, or it's intermittent?

edited to add: I needed to reboot my computer first thing this morning. I don't know if that clears the FF cache, but I'll mention that too.

We didn't fix anything. If it happens again, please take a screenshot and paste in here.

The attached screen shot shows that I can only view the first 32 comments of my history, going back to July 10, before it cycles back to the most recent comment.

Logging off and back in corrects the problem.  But it happens quite consistently and has been happening for several months at least.

Here's another screen shot showing that my comment history only displays through July 12 before looping back around to Sept 6 (today).

Could you guys at least pretend to care?  Otherwise I have to presume simple incompetence.

And another screen shot today showing a wrap-around from July 21 to day (Sept 9).


Hi Larry,

Sorry we never responded here. Can you let us know if this happens on specific browsers or you've seen this on multiple browsers? Also, have you seen this only on your profile or also other people's profiles?

I have seen this on my own profile, and on profiles of others.  

I believe I've seen it in multiple browsers.

I saw it just yesterday (using Firefox) but today it seems to be OK.  It happens almost at random.  So I understand that it may be hard to debug if you can't force it to happen.

OK Daniel, it has happened again.  Here is a screen shot.  This is on the current Firefox.  The history wraps back to the beginning after 32 comments.  I have blanked out all identifying information.