Showing error message "ooops, something went wrong while loading the pages...

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Nothing loading this morning, portfolios, quotes, articles.  this seems to be a frequent occurrence

I see the same thing...started to happen early this morning.  Seeking Alpha is broken.

Android app has the same problem as well...

Same issue since yesterday in Android app and desktop browser.

Same, happens when trying to go to symbols induvial page

Same here:
When trying to go to symbols induvial page:
Showing error message "ooops, something went wrong while loading the page" <Reload>
Reload also doesn't work.

Same issue here as described above

Yep---that has ben my experiences. SNAFU tech issue my guess. Maybe other sites are working better, I'll go see.


Same here-what is wrong?


Not  a  clue.  I'm not a techie. Just a daily user of Seeking Alpha for my investing decision making process. (one of multiple sites.)


Hi all,

We're experiencing a service outage at the moment. Our infrastructure team is working hard on resolving the issue.
I'll share more updates here once the issue is fixed.
Thanks for your patience.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha 

I have been trying to log in to rocket chat on seeking alpha for 5 days getting this same

"OOPS" message despite using accurate log in credentials. Why can't this be corrected?

This appears to be a common and ling standing issue. Fix it!

I paused Ghostery and reloaded the page.  It worked.

Maybe a bug in Firefox - Ghostery add-on?

Any suggestions from Kushal?