Notifications not working at the moment. Intermittent so a while now.

rusty13 4 weeks ago in Website updated by sts66 4 weeks ago 7

Same problem for me.  Is it browser based?  I use chrome. Cannot recall my password so I cannot easily check another.

Same problem for me in Chrome.  Unable to log in with Firefox, and the emailed link does not work in Firefox.

I'm using chrome also and I just tried logging on  with explorer/bing and It doesn't recognize my login or password


not working in Safari either


I've tried 4 different browsers and none of them will load new notifications - it's not the browser you're using - SA website was totally down 15 mins ago, they must be having problems. hope they're resolved soon.


Not working with explorer/bing just logged on.. 


BTW, when I say "notifications", I mean when you click on the little bell in the upper right side of the page to show new comments to articles you're following, it just spins, won't load new comment list.