Stop fiddling with the comment stream

Lawrence J. Kramer 2 years ago in Website updated by Mark Ferry 2 years ago 12

I want to be able to search a long comment stream for commenter's names, including my own. Burying comments behind "Read more" buttons makes that impossible. Some of the links in the notification pane don't work. There was no apparent reason to change the notification system. The drop-down was fine, except that you should follow Medium's lead and leave notifications visible after they are acted upon so that we can revisit them. The notification bell can say how many of the items in the list are new.


I really HATE the revamped comments stream format. I want to see all previous comments and the "load more" concept is nonsense.  I also dislike the bolded text for the current comment the site happens to think I'm reading.


I can't even find the comment that I'm notified for, most of the time.   It's terrible.  

Under review

Thanks for the feedback, I'll relay the same to our product team.


Kushal Mehrotra

Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha


We added an option underneath the menu that you can expand all of the comments hidden behind the show more.

If you find links which do not work, it might be due to deleted comments.  We have a task open for the developers to clean up associated notifications when comments get deleted.   

Concerning not clearing the comment notification immediately, since it always worked like that people will  complain the other way e.g.  "why do I need to explicitly clear them now ? "  "Why did you fiddle with it ?" 

However, I did notice that FB just marks them as read, so if enough people think it is a good idea, I can do it.


This is very frustrating. PLEASE just go back to the old format.  This new format adds nothing but confusion, nobody wants to have you arbitrarily hide previous comments, and sometimes new comments are buried amongst the hidden comments.  We also don't want to have to expand comments every time we go back to an article (btw, "expand all" doesn't work, still have to hit the "load previous comments" tabs below) The format actually doesn't even look good visually.  The green "new" notice can barely be seen. The font style/size is too large/ugly.  Please don't fix what ain't broken


I also greatly dislike the new comment structure.  Prefer the old structure by a wide margin.  Have stated to give up reading long comment sections as it's very unwieldy, which makes me question whether I should stay as premium member.  Please fix this as per the other comments here.


BTW, the "Expand All Comments" option does not work.  Tried it in several comment streams to no avail.  PLEASE fix this!!!


Just go back to the old way.  It was perfect and needed NO modification.


 "We added an option underneath the menu that you can expand all of the comments hidden behind the show more."

But why would anyone want to hide a whole bunch of comments? Hiding certain comments is a worthless feature and should not even exist.  ALL comments should immediately load like it used to be.  


You have completely screwed up your business model, without even the courtesy of details.  HOW MANY articles do we get monthly?  Nothing posted anywhere.  Go onto your pricing page, and the free version info is not correct. All I get is the equivalent of SPAM in my email box now.  You really need to work on your implementation and customer satisfaction model.  It isn't as though you are asking for a small fee each month, so for the high price, you should be able to hire someone to execute more professionally.  

I am not reading or submitting any more articles until this issue gets fixed and you go back to the old way.  THE NEW WAY TOTALLY SUCKS!!!  WHY DID YOU CHANGE SOMETHING THAT WAS PERFECT AS IT WAS????