Comments history is cut very short now

Out_on_a_limb 4 years ago in Website updated by SA Michael S. Lipkin 4 years ago 12

As described in the title.

Under review

Hi, can you elaborate and give an example? Thanks.

For example, look at TruffelPig comments (quantity 4,282). You browse down and comments stop July 12 (he is member since 2011). This issue is general now, and got obvious a few weeks ago.

People with thousands of comments, display only a few dozens now when scrolling down.

Previously a good deal of the comments were lost, but now it is like 90%

I've clicked on my comments for a particular issue which shows I have several hundred on the topic, when I scroll thru I get a single page of approx 20 comments and no means to review the rest of the hundreds. What happened to my historcal comments?

I can corroborate this glitch and it appears to have started about a week ago. I cannot scroll thru my own comments to reference conversations like I used to. However I seem to be able to scroll thru others people's comments.

This is a BIG problem especially when cross referencing my own researched material.

Is this on the app or the website?

On the website. Thanks for the follow up.

 If it helps, it is happening on Windows 7 Professional, iOS and Android OS. I do not use the app. The SA logo shows up at the bottom as if it is auto loading comments, but none load.

I see it. Will report to our tech department. 

Prior to this issue, comments were often duplicated by chunks. It means you could browse back for a while, then suddenly the comments started anew (with the proper date). So you had to skip the duplicated part to get back to the normal timeline. Weird. Not demonstrable anymore, as the history of comments has been cut short. I access mostly from a PC.

Fixed. Thanks Michael Lipkin