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Premarket Prices Missing

laurenkitces 3 years ago in iPhone App updated by Maya Natan 3 years ago 16 11 duplicates

My phone just updated to the new version and I now don’t have premarket or postmarket prices, only percentages. Why did you remove this? Seeing only percentages is really annoying and to remove that seems completely unnecessary.

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I can only see premarket if I click on  the symbol on my laptop.   Would prefer to see on the home page of Portfolio

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Hello! You can tap on percentage and you will get pre-market.


no on the new portfolio u cant

in the pre and Post market you are shown a percentage NOT a  $ amount . tapping on the persentage does not change it . setyour alarm  for 7am and try it then


Tiongsquare is correct. I'm also getting this problem. It does not display the premarket or post market stock price but only just the % for pre and post market.

Please fix this to have both pre/post market price and also %

See the photo below.



* updated my device list: iPhone 6 Plus with latest iOS 11.3.1  iPad Air 2 with latest iOS 11.3.1

Premarket AND postmarket gone.  No point in the app anymore.

Unfortunately, premarket and postmarket quotes reflect percentages ONLY listed underneath the day market close quoted price/percentage button. This happened after the update. Which is fine SA I like your news but that after market quotes was a nice bonus you had, see if you can fix it. Thanks.

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We are working on a fix for the premarket toggle issue.

Please update the app as soon as a new version will be released.

No post or pre market prices only percentages. I like the bigger print but it’s useless with percentages. 😬

The green and red price boxes look like yahoo finance, the green and red colored font that you used to have was more private, unique and classy. 😕

I do not like the black at the top showing the various markets. I can’t read it and it’s ugly. When you put out new updates will you please test them first on iOS and show the correct screen shot in the App Store. I wish I never updated my app, actually I wish I didn’t update 3 updates ago.

I see this issue was reported 3 weeks ago!!! I just updated today 6/5/18.

who decided that showing negative price with green makes sense?

Can you share a screenshot?

Note the negative in HE postmarket

I'm having the same issue.Please address it.

Have you updated the app?

Please update to the latest version. Make sure you are installing version 3.8.8 and above.

If you already installed 3.8.8 and above and the problem persists, try to log out and log in again.