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can you give us a choice?

glworld 2 years ago in Website updated by Steve Crawford 2 years ago 25

evidently someone is in love with his SA layout and thought these 'improvements' would be welcomed by all...

i hate it and wonder what you guys were thinking?  was anyone pushing for a new look?  common sense would AT LEAST have you give us an option to try out the new layout but always having the old one available.

this is financial information...data and news that help us make decisions on our investments...this isn't a video game or kids sight...(although it seems they are more capable of finding out FIRST what their users prefer)

whoever 'conned' management into thinking this was better and everyone would just be so thrilled...needs to get real...

this is crappy...without warning...right in the middle of a market crisis...are you guys nuts?


The web developer is going to post another response that just doesn't listen to the concern and defends the change.  And then he will mark it completed and answer, which stops us from downvoting him.

Under review


Please share the issues you're facing with the new layout. We have attempted to enable new features with the new portfolio page while keeping everything you Liked about the old portfolio.
I will try to assist you if you're getting stuck somewhere or if you want a quicker way to do something.

For example, you can click on 'view headlines' on the far right of the portfolio page, to fast scroll down to news and analysis pertaining yo your portfolio.

Kushal Mehrotra

Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha


just go back to the previous...

i would go to SA and all my stocks is right there listed...i want more info on a stock, i click it and there's my info.

now, i go to SA and i get huge fonts that doesn't fit the layout quite right...each watchlist is now separate and i have to open each one...what happened to the all portfolios display?

maybe there's a way...i'll give you the benefit of the doubt but its not obvious

like i said, it just makes common sense to view your audience as people rather than guinea pigs

this was not thought out very well...disagree with me?

then how come most of the comments are negative?

if you want to experiment, fine...but we're not lab rats so AT LEAST provide an option so if we don't like it we can go back to our comfort zone...


There are too many clicks. I want to see, at a glance, portfolio and news. This, to me, was a fundamental beauty of the SA portfolio view. Now its as bad as everybody elses.


The issue we are having is that the new format totally sucks and we want the old format back.  


thanks for trying to help out Kushai but here's the thing...

you responded to my question 'can give us a choice?' with...

"Please share the issues you're facing with the new layout. We have attempted to enable new features with the new portfolio page while keeping everything you Liked about the old portfolio."

i know u trying to help and i appreciate that and if i was the only one unhappy with the new format then i guess the burden of proof that the new format is crap would be on me.

but i'm not the only one!!!

i'm reading the comments and lots of people unhappy.

i'm stuck at home like most people...market volume is heavy...2 factors that could increase lots of traffic, even new traffic to SA.

the timing of your new layout is crazy...

and i NEVER asked go trash the new one and go back to the old one (i certainly don't want the EGO of your web team to get bent out of shape at my expense)

i just want a choice...i wanna be able to log in and CHOOSE either to use the new format or stay with the old format.

so if you really are the guy who responds to questions, THAT'S the question...can you give us a choice?

simple question with a yes or no...

i'm beginning to feel like will ferrell on celebrity jeopardy... :)


If you sort by clicking on a column, it stays sorted,  but page jumps down after about 5-7 seconds, unless you hold the slider bar with your mouse.  I have 75 stocks in my portfolio and use the sort feature to see which stock is on top.  Quite annoying to have to hold the slider bar after each sort.

After working with the new portfolio page for a few days, I do not prefer it over the old.  The few positive features are outweighed by the numerous negative ones.  Ergonomically, the new portfolio page is much worse than the old one.  Almost every thing now requires more clicks to accomplish the same task.  Good programming is reducing clicks not increases them.


The old format was great.  I could see all holdings on all portfolios on one screen.  That's the most important thing.  Please  go back to the old platform.


Exactly. Agree 100%.

don't think they care at all - F5 refuse to load the page again.. need to press the "my portfolio" to reload the page. A page that does not update by itself anymore.. A page that is so badly designed and so fucking slow.

This change suck so much that one need to go back to Yahoo. OMG


The new platform sucks I agree but F5 works to refresh on my laptop. Try hitting the refresh icon instead of F5.  


Hi fhbecker,

"f you sort by clicking on a column, it stays sorted, but page jumps down after about 5-7 seconds"

Thank you for highlighting this, I have escalated this issue to out technology team and we're currently investigating the issue. I'll share an update once we have a resolution.

I've also reported issues related to slowness and we should be able to fix it soon.

Kushal Mehrotra

Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha


Hi Mark Ferry,

you can select 'All Portfolios' as indicated in the image below to view all your portfolios on a single page. you can expand or collapse individual portfolios as per your liking and you can use the 'view headlines' button on the top right, to quickly jump down to articles/news related to your portfolio.

I hope this helped, feel free to reach out in case further assistance is required.

Kushal Mehrotra

Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha


Can we have it changed back so we see portfolio on the left and relevant news next to it. Very much missing that. Much more useful than the new version. Thanks


Yes! The old version was far superior. This "improvement" sucks.


Hi Kushal,

It does NOT help at all.  Not one iota. 

With the old format I didn't have to click individual portfolios.  Once I logged in to SA, I could see ALL HOLDINGS IN ALL PORTFOLIOS AT ALL TIMES. We don't want to see the total for each portfolio, we want to see

ALL HOLDINGS IN ALL PORTFOLIOS AT ALL TIMES. Plus the page would automatically refresh so I could just leave that page open all the time and monitor everything without having to click anything.  That's the part that SA is not getting- the best thing about the old format was the ability to continuously see ALL HOLDINGS IN ALL PORTFOLIOS AT ALL TIMES.  By eliminating that feature, you have ruined the entire platform.  




The old portfolio screen was terrific.  I could see ALL HOLDINGS of ALL PORTFOLIOS on ONE screen.  The new one is unusable.


back to my ORIGINAL request...

now i'm sure no one is that numb to destroy the old format as you launch the new format.

so i'm assuming that what a LOT of us want is still there, you just won't let us have it.

would it be UNREASONABLE to give us an option to use the older format?

when i have the time, i can 'tinker' with the new format and it seems YOU GUYS need to tinker with it too...not ready for prime time...

you had a great website...i find myself going to Yahoo more...what would be the downside to just let us choose old or new?  cause i really can't see any downside

the REAL downside is having NO CHOICE and you lose a lot of traffic...

Don't be smug...there's a lot of investing websites out there...its competitive...you had an edge but you are losing it by your apparent arrogance...


Editing the portfolios has become a pain in the ass, quite frankly.

Deleting names from the portfolios... you go to "Edit Portfolio"

But in adding names to the portfolio... you go somewhere different???? WTH? 

Also... it would be *VERY* nice if you went to 'Edit Portfolio'...and at least the tickers are all in alphabetical order.  Why listing the newest edits with names in alpha order doesn't make any sense... and you've made it very time consuming to move the tickers into the Alpha order.



Garbage mobile centric, ultra-bloated design philosophy.

I go to my brokerage to find out stats on my portfolio. I come here for just singular price and news articles, but mostly the news articles. I go to Yahoo Finance or my brokerage to get better stats.

Know your customer, know your place.


Hi assetman07,

I have relayed your concerns with our technology team, we should be able to deliver a solution very soon.
Thank you for your patience

Kushal Mehrotra

Data QA Analyst, Seeking Alpha


thx Kushai

sorry to kinda put you under the fire...don't take it personally...

if anything the complaints reveal how much your site is appreciated and used...

for me its a site i don't have to think about...just click and there it is...and i click on it lots of times pre-market, market and after hours...

with the new format, now i gotta think..and it shouldn't be that way...my mind is on the market and digesting the data and news and the user comments...i really don't want to think about navigating a website...i will just go to yahoo...

thanks for 'pin cushion' for our complaints


Any update on this? I hardly ever use this site since the change was made. Really need it changed back with watchlist on the left with news right next to it. Thanks


I will explain one more time - but I'm pretty sure SA is deleting my comments now:

SA development is trying to use a SINGLE layout (i.e., SINGLE code base) for ALL their device platforms.  So same layout on your phone, laptop, desktop. Since the screen real-estate is so different between all the various devices - it will - and does - suck for all.  The only way they can "fix" your issues is to abandon the single-layout model - which they obviously won't do because it's a $$$ issue. I'm just hoping we'll see some competition in this space soon...

I agree. Listen to your customer base... the new website format is absolutely awful and causing people to leave! I don't want a workaround--bring the old layout back! Why do we keep seeing comments telling us how to use the new layout? The issue isn't that we can't use it.. it's that we don't like it! I know you guys (the SA team) are trying to be helpful--we love the site--just admit the new layout sucks and change it back or at least give us the option. This is a serious issue.

The comment I posted elsewhere with the main problems:

Dear SA Team,

The desktop version interface change is absolutely awful!

I love SA, and I have been posting/commenting for years, but this change WILL make me cancel my PRO account and leave if it's not undone. I hate to be negative guys--you really f****d this one up though!

Here are my top gripes with the new format:

1) The three market graphs were removed from the top of the splash page. I want to see the S&P, Dow, AND Nasdaq (all three) without having to click on them. I don't care how much the market is up or down... I want to see the price action!

2) Why the hell do I have to scroll all the way down the page to see my portfolio? It used to be so nicely put on the side and auto-sorted. I don't give a shit about the Quant rating, the SA Author rating, or the Wall St. rating--all I want to see is how much I'm up or down in each of my stocks. The new list doesn't even sort correctly automatically.

3) Why are my portfolio headlines all the way down and hidden? I don't care what the trending news or analysis is! If I wanted to listed to some idiots I'd turn on Fox news. Stop it!

4) What's with the giant text and spacing Mr. Magoo? There was no problem reading anything before! Now all I can see is less without scrolling. Just headline news! WTF!

Please, please change it back or at least create an option to display things the prior way through some sort of new user interface settings panel.

Your loyal but rapidly wilting fan,