Your comments

Some additional input. A long list of tickers in an article ends with 3 dots. Unfortunately, clicking on those dots goes to the dedicated page for the first hidden ticker rather than showing me all such hidden tickers. That "feature" in conjunction with you removing relevant tickers from the portfolio-relevant article list (whenever there are more than 2 covered, perhaps temporarily while you work on a longer term solution) makes it impossible to understand the article's relevance without reading the complete article. I can't speak for everyone, but I personally has too much to read and appreciate when I can *easily* focus on what I find important instead of going through a collection of marginally relevant information. Some names are well covered (some even too much), and for others every nugget of information is welcomed. SA cannot possible know what I decide to open what to skip. Don't try to work on some "smart" approach - give me a clear "link" (tickers) between my portfolio and article and let me chose. Sorry for this long post.

Thank you for pointing out the existing filtering functionality, though liking an article (moderate threshold, acknowledging author's work) is quite different from preserving it for future reference. It's like the difference between borrowing a book and liking it vs. wanting to buy it. I do realize that this feature may not rank as high priority for SA.