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I found out that if I sign out of my account, I don't get the "yikes". If I sign back it, I start getting them again.

I found out that if I sign out of my account, I don't get the "yikes".  If I sign back it, I start getting them again.

As an example, I got a notification about a new comment, with this url:

but when I open that url, I can't see the comment.

Came here for the same reason.  We now get notifications for new messages in articles we're commented on (same as before), but, when we click the new-message notification to see the new comments in the article, the comments are no longer accessible in the page we are taken to.  Please fix this.

Ping.  Could this be addressed?  I don't imagine it would take any significant time.

"As you mentioned in your feedback, we do have an issue with the button for turning on tracking comments, our developers are working on it and it will be available ASAP inside a menu at the top of the comment section next to the sorting. As shown below:"

The "Track Comments" options has nothing to do with sorting.  Putting it there while keeping the "Sort by" label is bad usability and discoverability.  Please at least change the label next to the drop down.  But really, this feature will be used much more frequently than the sort order, it should stay with its own button.  Reduce number of clicks to one for the most often used option.  Your change is going to require that users discover it, and then to do two clicks while one worked before.  Please please please hire a solid usability expert.  I say this with the best of intentions.

Also, at least in Chrome, clicking the "next" button to move to the next comment often reloads the whole page instead of just scrolling down.  That's really annoying.

Also, the react based interface is _much_ slower than the older one on desktop.

I would also add that the hiding of some comments behind "show more replies" is really bad.  There's no good reason for that, it makes skimming through comments harder, and, it hides comments from searches -- if you search the page for some text you know is in a comment, then you'll fail to find the comments hidden behind the "show more replies" button.  Really bad usability.

I noticed now that ctrl - click again works as I expected.  Thanks for fixing it!