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Sent this request two weeks ago. Could someone on SA staff please address it? Thanks.


I have enabled Notifications on my SA account, and have enabled it on Chrome browser by adding the SA website web address, yet I don't receive any alerts on Chrome. Could SA tech please advise next steps to troubleshoot this? BTW, SA is the only site that Notification alerts is not working for. Thanks.

When is this going to get fixed? 

Also, ticker VER.PF has also been displaying as zero for a number of weeks.

Would be good to know what the root cause of all of this is.

Suggestion: Can you set up a "sniffer" on your system that constantly looks for prices that have 'gone to zero' and then self-raises a ticket for SA Support to research?  Why should end users be the ones to have to do your own system surveillance?! Make sense? Thanks.

to be sure I dropped and re-added the ticker, but it made no difference.

Same here. In both Chrome and IE. There's still a problem.

Not sure we are on the same page. I'm talking about receiving author emails when they post a new article on SA, not when someone replies to that article.

Maybe an SA engineer can advise on m issue.

Thanks, I was able to finally update my details, however it still shows as 'long only' under my profile even after making the changes, even though my updates now display correctly on my blog posts. Thus, seems to be a disconnect within the system?

Hi SA,

As it's been 5 months now, are you any closer to fixing this issue?

Please advise. Thanks.

Ok. I am glad you figured out the problem, and I can wait until it's resolved post your issue backlog.

Could you ping me when it's finally been resolved? Thanks.