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Agree, SA needs to consider a Netflix/Amazon Prime subscription price model. I think $10 a month or $100 a year PRO plan would be deemed way more reasonable by the bulk of the community. Bulls & Bears make money Pigs get slaughtered and right now at $75 a month SA is looking like a greedy pig.   

"I wont waste my time talking you into a better business model as I believe the mind is made up,,,,but you are making a huge mistake here". I couldn't agree with you more and said as much in an earlier post it may take quite some time but they will eventually kill the community. 

Agreed but unfortunately I don't think they care as there has already been a lot of complaints but so far crickets. I think they are just going to ignore it as noise and hope it all goes away I feel sorry for the folks who shelled out $900 for PRO but at the same time they are essentially supporting the SA money grab. It may take take a while but I think there will be a slow erosion of the community that will make SA a less and less appealing place to visit and exchange ideas as an investment community.

Sorry but $75 is way too much I believe the fee should be closer to Netflix/Amazon i.e. no more than $10 a month or discounted to $100 a year if paid in advance. If SA continues to go this route I for one and probably many more like me will likely go elsewhere.