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Hi, it's now renamed to "Authors" in the top menu -

We've identified the problem. It happens when you are choosing to view "All Portfolios".

In the meantime, while we are working on the fix, you can add Holdings by choosing one Portfolio view (from drop-down), then it will work

Thank you for reporting this and sorry for the temporary inconvenience.


could you please specify which OS and browser are you using and if this happens for all symbols or for a particular one.

Thank you.

HI, I've updated your account. Please tell if everything is ok now.

Thank you for notifying us about this inconvenient issue, we will try to fix as soon as possible. 

In a meantime, you can click on close (X) button at the top of comment when it is in Edit mode to avoid loosing the comments.


right now there is no option for changing username in app. You can change it from desktop site or I can change it for you manually. Just tell me the new username that you want to setup.

I see that you have 2 accounts, one is and second
was created in 2014 if you want I can delete it and only after that I can change the last symbol in the email of this user with this email, after your approve.

Or you can log in under your original account with proper email.

Hi, after you change your email in Settings you have to confirm this change via following the link from corresponding email from SA.
Please tell you if you still have any problem with this issues.

Hi, could you please what exactly doesn't work, what steps do you do and which os and browser are you using.

Thanks in advance.