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Hello, as I see you've canceled your Essential subscription on 6th of February and don't have any active subscription. 

Ypu can see all your subscriptions here

One more question, we cannot reproduce the issues as it is.

Could it be that you have an active Ad blocker? Some of them might cause issues with buttons.

Hi, could you please tell if you still experiencing this issues and if yes - what OS and browser with a version of it are you using.

Unfortunately, I still can't reproduce your issues, could please tell me the version of your Firefox browser. For that, you need to click the menu button, click Help and select About Firefox.

HI, is it still happening for you?

If yes, could you please tell us is that web version of SA or mobile app? what OS and browser are you using? A screenshot is also will be helpful.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, if you switch "News" column to "Press Releases" on page you will see mentioned PR.

Hello, please make sure that you are logged in on tablet and pc with the same account.

Seems like you have 2 email one on the gmail (portfolio 1: 1 stocks) and aol (Portfolio 1: 34 stocks).

Please notify us if you continue seeing this issues.

Hi, could you please elaborate what the issues are you having with notifications?

We are working on this option.

Should be available soon.

Hi, could please tell us if Market Close notifications are also doubled on push notifications when received?