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It looks like it is fixed.


Ok thanks for the updates. I will check in 3-4hours time from now as that’s that’s when the problems occurs. Will report back

See my previous post:

If you look at the screenshot in my previous post, you can see it is like the whole portfolio of stocks.

I think I have identify when it happens. On the same day after the market close, I can see the Post price. But when it is the next day before the market opens, for some reason, the stock price resets back to 0.0%. The Post prices also resets back to 0.0%.

Have log out and re login. Doesn't work. Uninstall and re install and still doesn't work.

Post market price is also not showing.

Other people also experiencing this issue. It is NOT toggling on the % button that is the problem.

Post Market.PNG

I am also having this issue. Maya, it is not the tap to switch thingy. You tap it, the Post price in your image still shows -0.01% which is incorrect.

I am also having the same problem in iPad.


I also vouch this problem as well in 3.8.8 The app does not auto refresh with the correct stock price. I have to press another tab or press one the stocks and go back to make sure the correct price is displayed in the portfolio.

Thank you for at least letting us know. There is no communication between SA and the users. We do not know what is happening with the iPad situation.

SA Aleksandra Eskova has fixed up a problem with my login with my other post. Can see pre and post market prices now. 

OMG THANKYOU Aleksandra!!! It works now. Notification issue is fix and is showing pre and post market prices.

But the prices is still showing rounded up like for AAPL.