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On the stock page in the content section you can find “Dividend news”. 

You can swipe the screen right or left to go back and forth, and you should also see a back button on the top-left when navigating deeper to read articles or visit symbol pages. 

Cluck the edit button (the pencil icon). 

For this you should use the Holdings tab.

When going into your portfolio on your phone, rotate the screen to landscape view for the portfolio advanced mode.

Go to "Holdings" and tap on "+add lot" to set the number of shares you own.

After choosing any of the tabs on the advanced landscape mode, you can rotate back to portrait.

Portfolio in lanscape mode

Holdings Tab in lanscape

Holdings tab in portrait mode

You can access the desktop version via Safari or any web browser installed on your device.

Thank you for reporting. We will bring the the index back to portfolio page.

Thank you for reporting. We are working on fixing performance bugs.

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