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Dear DAG Investments,

Thank you for pointing out the problem. We believe we have fixed it. Let us know please if this issue reoccurs.

Thank you for pointing out this printing issue. We are in the process of fixing it.

Thank you for the suggestion. We hope to implement this in the future.

Hi - Is this still not working? I not - can you please clarify whether you are seeing this on your phone or desktop? If phone - on the desktop version using your browser?  

Freddie Mac has many different symbols referring to its common and preferred stocks trading on various exchanges. Please refer to their website to familiarize with the various trading symbols:

Welcome! This column refers to the percentage move the company's stock made following earnings. For example one can see SNAP gained 24% on the day after reporting earnings.

To delete stocks from your portfolio:

  1. Click on Portfolio and see the stocks appear on the left side of the screen.
  2. Hover with your mouse above and to the right of the "Add Symbol +" and you will see the word "edit"
  3. Click on "edit" and then click on the "X" next to each stock you would like to delete
  4. Click "done" where "edit" used to be

Thank you for your question. We don't have bookmarks, but you can "Like" an article and then filter on "Show only liked" here:

Thank you for reporting the issue. Have you tried refreshing the browser or closing and opening the browser?