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We'll need that info to investigate. 

Thanks and apologies for the issue you're experiencing,

Thanks for the reminder, 

We are somewhat short-handed this week but are continuing to look into this issue and will post here when it has been resolved.



This article shows you how to create a desktop icon from any site in 3 simple steps:


Hi, can you please include a URL of the article in question and also include a screen shot? We'd like to investigate.


Hi Guys,

Just checking in to see if the problem here is resolved, or still persisting. If so, I'd like to have developer take a look at it ASAP.



We can see the issue. I'll let you know when it's fixed.

Agreed that this is highly frustrating. Someone will reach out to you directly (likely tomorrow when our team is back at work from the weekend).

Hi George,

This is an odd bug - I'm having some trouble replicating it. Please try logging out and back in on a desktop device and adding tickers. If you're still having issues please send along the browser and OS version you're on so we can try and replicate the issues here. 

Tradestar, same for you please. We'd like to get this issue resolved for you guys.


Jonathan Liss

Thanks for the suggestion. We'll keep it in mind as we build out additional features and coverage in the future.

Hi Aneel,

Please elaborate. What do you man by your 'pen name'?