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Note: We have started to gradually update users to our newly redesigned app for iPhone and iPad. The app should be very familiar to you with many new features already in the app and more to come. The one significant difference is that notifications are now found in the phone's notification center (swipe down from the top to access it) 



mak424 2 years ago in Android App 0

the nptn q and a call got cut off


Portfolios have all disappeared

chowlettjr 2 years ago in Android App 0

my portfolios have all disappeared. This is on my Samsung galaxy s7. The titles of the articles can be seen but the portfolio data is gome.If I enter the + or change mode the portfolio data is still there.


Galaxy S8+

ashmanmurti 2 years ago in Android App 0

Extremely slow startup and app freezing. Very frustrating ! This haa been for about 2 weeks now! 


Cannot confirm registration for some reason.

chacer98 2 years ago in Android App 0

Got a new phone and was able to transfer my account but I cannot comment or like comments now


Delete WSB and EPs from My Authors

markelev 2 years ago in Android App 0

How do I delete wall street breakfast and editor picks from My Authors? Hate these spam feeds. I only want the authors I've selected, not anything else.


Want more groupings under Analysis menu

yguo00 2 years ago in Android App 0

I use Galaxy s8. The seeking alpha app only shows two collections under Analysis, which are My Authors and My Feed.  All articles  are dumped together in My Feed. I like having more groups, such as SA recommendations,  Most popular etc. 


Cannot edit profile to add photo

gj.sigtuna 2 years ago in Android App 0

App not loading on Android V 6.0

rgallo007 2 years ago in Android App 0