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Yep - I'd tend to agree that muting should be on STs across the site - and not just on the main ST page. 

That said, we are going to be focusing on other things in the near term. But we will keep your suggestions in mind when we do touch STs again.

Thanks a lot for all of your help the last few days!


Hi Eager,

I am seeing the All Portfolios feature. 

Please try restarting your browser - including logging in and out of Seeking Alpha. 

You can also try a hard refresh.



Hi Perkins, what is the URL of the page this issue is occurring on? Is it the My Feed page (

I'm not seeing this issue on the Profile page

We're looking into this now. Please hang with us. Thanks!

This should be fixed now. Please confirm this is now working properly. And thanks again for your quick and persistent bug reports - we have a fairly small tech team and rely on you guys to help us get these things right - and fix any issues immediately!


Is this issue still happening?

If so, can you please explain a bit more about which portfolio tab it's happening on and what happens when you get half way down the page.


Hi Perkins,

These issues should be fixed now. 

Please confirm.


Hi guys,

This is an issue on the code on our end - we're working to resolve it. You are correct that it is not the correct user experience. Apologies for the issue cropping up in the first place.