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Portfolio tracking service

burnedb4 6 months ago in Website updated by SA Admin Kushal Mehrotra 6 months ago 4

The recent upgrade in the portfolio tracking service is impressive and graphically appealing.  One aspect which can be improved is the "Today's % Gain" column.  It correctly calculates the percentage gain or loss for the daily price change of each security position.  However, it's calculation of the daily percentage change of the portfolio bears no resemblance with reality.  What I think the developer did was mistakenly calculate an unweighted average of each individual security's percentage price change to the portfolio as a whole.  The correct calculation (which was present in the previous version) compares the total value of the portfolio today with the previous closing value of the portfolio on the last trading day.  If you could initiate a correction on this, it will be very helpful to those of us who like to compare our portfolio to index benchmarks.  Thank you.


new web portfolio page - initial reaction

BrandonIam 7 months ago in Website updated 7 months ago 1

I like the new portfolio functionality very much.  I'm puzzled by the negative reactions.  I haven't used it very much obviously yet.  But the one exception ... a lack of feature so bad where I almost think i must be making a user error:

Like with many brokerages... the portfolio page should have rows of tickers with average purchase price, average gain/loss percentage, and then sum gain and loss from all lots.  Simply said, there should be one line per ticker, and then when you want to see the lot detail, you drill in.

With this design I will not put in my lots because I don't want to see them, unless I do.

Yes, I could build similar functionality in my own spreadsheet ... aggregating the many accounts I have.  But this is convenient enough that I imagine using the SA portfolio function instead.


New portfolio page

rhicks 7 months ago in Website updated 6 months ago 2

The new look is great.  Especially the after hours details.  Thanks.


One issue--  when looking at a sorted portfolio view, the page jumps up or down too often---  it may be when the ads refresh.


also, the top line with the drop down of portfolios and the exchanges' status disappears.  It was better in the past when it remained in sight.

Under review

How come I can no longer add stocks to my portfolio?

anonymous 10 months ago in Website updated by SA Admin Kushal Mehrotra 5 months ago 2

Missing Day Watch and Detail data for stock GNL.PB

Divvy It Up 10 months ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 10 months ago 1

Preferred stock GNL.PB shows a chart when selected in Day Watch, but no price quote or any other related info on the Day Watch Page or the Detail page for the stock. 


Just because I've been away for two weeks... shouldn't mean EVERY comment I post now has to be moderated, does it?

Vulpine 10 months ago in Website 0

.... shouldn't mean EVERY comment I post now has to be moderated, does it?

Under review


Manfred M. 12 months ago in Website updated by Ken800 10 months ago 2


would love to have a dashboard with all the relevant major data like

- commodities (like gold, crude, copper etc.(

- treasury rates

- most important indexes like Nasdaq, SP500, Futures

 - most important currencies

With that one could get a quick glance and overview of the market in general




Data broken on country ETFs page

Adam Jackson 1 year ago in Website 0

See all the zeroes in the table screenshot below.

Also, what happened to $ARGT, $AGT etc? Are they not included because this is an advertising module, or for another reason?


website design

CalvinTrager 1 year ago in Website 0

"To Top" Button

When looking through comments some have 100+ it would be so nice to be able to go to the top by clicking on a floating "to the top" button. I mainly view on a PC.