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Can't get to DCC content from my iPhone!

anonymous 3 years ago in iPhone App 0

Hi, new subscriber to Digital Coin Collective; works fine on my Windows 10 PC. Have the SA app installed in my iPhone, and have logged in with it (can see watch list research, etc). 

BUT nothing I do will get me to DCC content...stuck in Safari in a log-in loop! 

Can you help me please?


Not receiving alerts on my iPad

tennis111 3 years ago in iPhone App 0

I'm still receiving new article alerts on my iPhone, but they stopped arriving on my iPad 4 days ago.  All of my settings appear to be correct on my iPad.  Can you look into this for me?  Thanks.


App reloading. Not

steamer 3 years ago in iPhone App 0

need to close the reopen app to update 

Under review

Reading InstaBlogs on iOS

C.A.M. Investment Opinion 3 years ago in iPhone App updated by SA Jacob Maltz 3 years ago 1

Is it possible to read InstaBlog articles on iOS or any mobile system? If I see a link elsewhere or it is emailed to me, it does not open in the application. Just a blank screen.

Is there an issue on my end, or is this not a supported feature?

Will it be a supported feature? Would be great!


SA Jacob Maltz 3 years ago

Instablogs are supposed to open up in the browser. I just tried it on my iPhone and it works as expected. Are you using a browser setup other than the default safari on your iPhone ?  Try opening the link in safari. Thanks

Awaiting Customer Reply

ios notifications

nnordstrom 3 years ago in iPhone App updated by SA Jacob Maltz 3 years ago 1


Notifications on my iPhone (using the latest version of iOS and Seeking Alpha) have stopped working. It is impossible to access the "Notifications tab" in the SA app.

This is despite Notifications in iOS Settings being set to: 

Allow Notifications [ON] 


Show in Notification Centre [ON].

The reason Seeking Alpha (the app) thinks that Notifications are OFF, is because my setting for Alert Style is:

Alert Style When Unlocked: [NONE] 

 and perhaps because

Show On Lock Screen: [OFF]

Explanation and the fix SA needs to implement

This is however an incorrect assumption by the app. Notifications are ON, it's just that they don't cause pop-ups (Banners/Alerts). But they should still show up in the Notification Centre.

I have had this problem with a few other apps before, so I know that this is a programming error and can be fixed. Perhaps my setting is unusual, why developers miss it.

I've attached a screenshot which shows my settings. The settings should still make the app send Notifications.

Also, I should add that this is a new problem that arose with some recent version of Seeking Alpha. I've had this setting for almost a year and the problems started just very recently.

Support complaint ☠

I contacted Mobile Support directly about this issue via I am deeply disappointed in the feedback and feeble support I got, which was akin to the most generic, lame answer possible, e.g. "make sure you have activated Notifications". The assistant did not appear to understand, care or investigate the issue, and stopped responding after I asked to speak with his/her supervisor or an engineer that I could explain the issue to.

Screenshots ↓

SA Jacob Maltz 3 years ago

Thanks nnordstrom for the very detailed description of this issue.  I was able to understand and reproduce the problem on my end.   Will schedule a fix with our iPhone team.   Sorry about the misunderstanding from our support person, it was not intentional.

All the best,


Under review

email address invalid in iphone app

davidsuau 3 years ago in iPhone App updated 3 years ago 3


My email address is invalid on the iphone App, whereas it is perfectly recognized on the desktop version. please can you help thanks

SA Jacob Maltz 3 years ago

Sorry, the unusual domain is failing our email address validation in the app.


Same notice over and over.

JoeRetired 3 years ago in iPhone App 0

I have started receiving the same notification multiple times.  I read a notification, delete it from the list say on Monday, then on a later day, the same notification comes back.  How do I stop the notifications from coming more than one time?

Under review

Crashes and slow website

wjs1a 3 years ago in iPhone App updated by D.Jensen 12 months ago 4

The site is constantly crashing when you try to sign on.

The site takes minutes to respond many times.

Good luck.